Aprender a practicar mindfulness vicente simon pdf

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Aprender a practicar mindfulness vicente simon pdf

mindful framing practice: transforming your anxiety into

The poem is called «Live» and goes like this: Live, you say, in the present, Live only in the present. But I don’t want the present, I want reality; I want the things that exist, not the time that measures them. What is the present? It is a thing relative to the past and the future. It is a thing that exists by virtue of other things that exist. I want only reality, things without the present. I don’t want to include time in my scheme. I don’t want to think of things as present; I want to think of them as things. I do not want to separate them from themselves, treating them as present. I should not even treat them as real. I should not treat them as anything. I should see them, just see them; See them until I cannot think of them, See them without time or space, See them without time or space, See them without everything but what is seen. This is a science of seeing, which is none.

Anxiety as experiential avoidance This particular way of behaving used by people suffering from anxiety is called «experiential avoidance» (2), which is so important for the maintenance of anxiety disorders that we are going to dedicate a specific section to it. Experiential avoidance occurs when a person does not wish to remain in contact with certain experiences (bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts, memories…) and, then, he or she

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Making a stop in the day to day for 5 to 20 minutes to direct our attention in a conscious and intentional way by observing the breath, the body, thoughts or emotions among other objects of practice (you can use the audios that we offer below).

3 to 5 times a day bring your attention to how you breathe, observe 3 breaths and connect with your body. Notice the sensations as the air enters your nose and descends inside your body, how your rib cage widens, or how your belly inflates gently like a balloon.

Pay attention from the moment you have chosen a food (whether it is an ounce of chocolate or a fresh apple), to its smell, its color, its texture and all the sensations as you chew, enjoying the experience as if time has stopped.

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We are currently witnessing the introduction of mindfulness techniques in education, psychotherapy and throughout the scientific field in general. One of the reasons for this boom is the knowledge provided by modern neurobiological research techniques. In this paper we review some of the effects of mindfulness on perceptual processes (openness to novelty), affective style (positive affect and approach), immunity (enhancement) and empathy (facilitation). Neurobiological findings suggest that mindfulness practice activates and strengthens various brain regions (especially the prefrontal cortex) responsible for more specifically human integrative processes, causing lasting morphological changes in the cerebral cortex and in mental habits. All these findings enrich and converge in Interpersonal Neurobiology which, by integrating knowledge from very diverse fields, is proving to be a valuable source of knowledge for the clinical practice of psychotherapy.

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Recientemente, en investigaciones y publicaciones específicas, observamos la introducción del término mindfulness y sus técnicas en los campos de la educación, la psicoterapia y la ciencia en general. Una de las razones de este desarrollo es el creciente conocimiento en la neurobiología del mindfulness. En este artículo revisamos algunos de los hallazgos más destacados en este campo, como los efectos de mindfulness en la percepción (apertura), el estilo afectivo (afecto positivo y mentalidad de aproximación), la inmunidad (potenciada) y la empatía (aumentada). La investigación sugiere que la práctica de mindfulness activa varias regiones cerebrales (como el córtex prefrontal) especializadas en mediar en las funciones integradoras humanas. Además, la práctica prolongada de mindfulness produce cambios morfológicos en la corteza cerebral que se correlacionan con cambios en los hábitos mentales y en los rasgos del carácter. Así, el nuevo campo de la neurobiología interpersonal, con sus conocimientos procedentes de distintas disciplinas, puede llegar a configurar la práctica clínica de la psicoterapia.